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Bathroom Cabinet Design

Time: 2017-02-23

Growing up with six siblings, I know the importance of having the proper amount of storage in your bathroom cabinet design.

Often times, the toothbrush heads were touching, the lotion was put under the sink and the toilet cleaner was left on the sink;

Once PreparationH tube was mistaken as toothpaste (not joking)... 

Put the fun in functional simply by changing your bathroom cabinet design!

Your bathroom cabinet design, when done properly, will organize this widely used room.

A peg system in your bathroom cabinet design will keep your sink free from the clutter of lotion and hair spray bottles.

Pull out hampers and wastebaskets open up your bathroom floor and add an enviable touch to your bathroom cabinet design!

Adding an open shelf under the sink in your bathroom cabinet design will also open the room up and give you a stylish way to store your towels!

Linen closets are a great way to store bathroom-cabinet-designbed sheets and to keep bathroom cleaners out of the reach of children!  

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