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Bathroom Cabinets How To Install

Time: 2017-02-23

1, measure the length of the wall. Install hengjie bathroom Cabinet to determine length and height of the walls. By measuring the length and height of the wall, taking into account the deduction of air conditioning, ceiling height, can actually have access to length and height is obtained. In hengjie decision height of bathroom cabinets at the same time, to think about other bathroom furniture, decorative paintings on both sides of the balance and achieve overall results.

2, classified layout of auxiliary equipment. Install hengjie bathroom Cabinet where you want to arrange other media devices, such as DVD players, such as cable TV receiver and video converter, such equipment is required on connected devices for a long time, it is recommended that place as far as possible from the equipment near to facilitate wiring. Kids places to consider not to let their children come across devices, so you can use the bezel hengjie bathroom cabinets.

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