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Life Tips: Rainy Season Bathroom Moisture Nirvana

Time: 2017-02-23

1, renovated bathroom cabinets can give them with metal leg. Bathroom Cabinets so close to the ground are affected by ground moisture damp, giving them added after the metal leg, raise the height of bathroom cabinets and floor, bathroom cabinets by tidal effects. Made with stainless steel or aluminum alloy Cabinet leg that is strong and rust, is very good.

2, is used in many bath room toilet basin bathroom cabinets, which makes bathroom cabinets are water immersion time more. Basin of water may penetrate into the sewer in the bathroom Cabinet to make it damp. In order to solve this problem, designers in the outlet at the bottom of the basin and the waterproof bottom drain, such as reducing the likelihood of bathroom cabinets by water immersion, make it better moisture performance.

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